Sandra Engle, Pfizer, USA
Sandra Engle

Sandra Engle has focused her career on stem cells and genetic modification to enable drug disocvery. She received her Bachelors of Art Degree in Biology with an emphasis in human genetics and a minor in chemistry from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, in 1987. She obtained her PhD in 1995 in Medical and Molecular Genetics from Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana, and held post-doctoral fellowships at the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2001, Sandra moved to pharmaceutical research with a position in the Genetically Engineered Mouse Models Group in Aventis (now Sanofi) where she applied her skills to generating in vivo mouse models and in vitro mouse stem cell derived models. In 2004, she joined the Genetically Modified Models Research Center of Emphasis with Pfizer where she continued to generate in vivo and in vitro models. Sandra moved on to lead the Pluripotent Stem Cell Biology, Genomic Editing and Molecular Biology Laboratory which focused on the generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells, in vitro differentiation of stem cells to terminally differentiated cell types including neurons, cardiomyocytes, macrophage, and endothelial cells and the genetic modification of human stem cells. She currently is Head of Human Cell Biology at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

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